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At Hustle, we know that you’re busy and your business has to spend a lot of time managing deal flow. That’s why we like to get to know your investment criteria in-detail so that we only send you deals that are worth your time.

We believe our job here is to find quality businesses that are seeking investment and are excellent opportunities for investors. By helping founders find finance we are enabling them to get on with scaling their venture rather than focusing on fundraising.

Once we source and secure these businesses, our next task is to find them the right finance as fast as possible. Knowing your investment criteria intimately enables us to do just that. So that; we can put the right deals in front of the right investors, you don’t have to spend your time wading through irrelevant decks and the founders receive their finance as fast as they possibly can. It’s win-win-win all round.

We’d love to know your investment criteria as well as you do. Please use the form below to let us know a little more about it so we can send you suitable deals as they come in.

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